rozella białolica rozella białolica

eastern rosella

Platycercus Eximius

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rozella białolica

Although repeatedly in different publications an Eastern Rosella subject was brought up in my opinion wasn't until the end exhausted. Due to the fact that some breeders prefer to keep birds naturally colored, while others prefer vivid mutations we can distinguish two directions of breeding eastern rosella. Breeding clean racially of its subspecies and breeding set to vivid mutations. Considered the fact, that individual subspecies eastern rosella very often cross between, even in nature is hard to keep their purity in breeding. Whereas mutations constitute a challenge which not every breeder is able to rival. A financial barrier sometimes constitutes the obstacle and sometimes lack of specialist knowledge. Therefore first and second variant of breeding is a challenge. On this side I’m not planning (at least maybe someday) to write at length about technical aspects of breeding this beautiful parrot, since I think that these issues many times were already brought up. The purpose of this site is to introduce parrots enthusiasts of mutation type’s eastern rosella and ways of inheritance.

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