rozella białolica rozella białolica

eastern rosella

Platycercus Eximius

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Dominant Mutation

Eastern rosella at present two dominating mutations occurred which are among the circle of autosomal mutation partially dominated.

White winged
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Mutation white-winged in the English literature describe as “Dominant Edged” or grey-winged for SF and white-winged for DF. White-winged was founded in the seventies in Belgium. Characteristic features for birds of this mutation at SF are white-marbled, sometimes white-grey more rarely purely white pinion. Often, also smaller or bigger yellow patches appear on the head and other places of the plumage. It is caused by reduction eumelanin. As a result of mating two birds white-winged it is possible to get two factors rosella (DF) that is bird with more patches and brighter wings. 1,0 białoskrzydły opal It is commonly believed that body, paws, claws, eyes and beak bird color of this mutation didn't change. Initially, due to its outward appearance rosella white-winged were hailed pied. However, due to fact that in this mutation eumelanin reduction wasn't observed from the body of bird they started resigning from this hypothesis. Main distinctive feature “racial” pied is eumelanin reduction both from plumage as well as the bird body. So pied should have also bright discolorations on the body, paws and claws. Rosella white-winged such discolorations weren't observed.

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However, that the matter wasn't too simple in 2010 year I managed to breed two young, which I noticed eumelanin reductions on the body (in paws and claws). 0,1 białoskrzydły opal cynamon Both young I obtained by two different pairs of parents. Even though these are birds one factors marked a very big eumelanin reduction in plumage. So far nowhere such bright birds of this mutation at SF were observed. I personally suspect, that mutation white-winged is pied. However breeders must devote a little more time and patience to it. In the sequence of ten nearest years it is necessary through selection to breed really beautiful white-winged pied.

How I earlier mentioned, at the description of BEC mutation a few years ago in Australia (Queensland) a mutation rosella white-winged appeared, looking exactly like the European mutation.

Yellow headed
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It is quite rare mutation. It is characterized by irregular yellow spots on the head which while achieving maturity of the bird are growing. Eye, paws and claws color didn't change. Similarly as in the mutation white-winged in the mutation yellow head it is possible to get birds two factors. 1,0 opalowa żółta głowa In Australia this mutation occurred in the nineties. Turned out to be quite trouble. At first a small vigor characterized birds, therefore still last works on its strengthening. In Europe although this mutation is well settled, however isn't common. On the old continent this mutation was categorized as pied by the part of breeders. Visually, especially birds about double factor have as a result of the reduction red psittacin on the head a lot of yellow color in this place. However, a very reduction psittacin in plumage doesn’t classify this mutation to pied. Actually mutation yellow head Eastern Rosella it’s hard anywhere to categorize.

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